Aftek Infosys acquires SeekPort

Indian software companies have been on a bullish run for quite some time. The market has been flourishing like never before is reminiscent of the good old days of software boom. Recently there have been a lot many acquisitions by Wipro and other companies. This time around, it is the turn of the Mumbai based AftekInfosys which has bought 100% stake in SeekPort, a popular European search engine. Search engines have been the hottest for past few years, especially after the magnificient rise of Google. AftekInfosys has also featured in RedHerring’s Small Cap 100 awards. Indian IT industry on a Rock’n’Roll. For more info on the deal, take a look @this.


~ by WYSIWYG on January 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “Aftek Infosys acquires SeekPort”

  1. the company has lots of character i think

  2. Aftek is a bogus company. Their modus operandi is insider stock manipulation, and dubious IPOs like Seekport, which is a junk search engine.
    They are trying to leverage the (Chinese search engine) success to raise money from NASDAQ.

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