StumbleUpon – A cool site

I was going through my daily dose of Biz-Tech news on RedHerring, when I stumbled upon this. StumbleUpon offers a cool Firefox extension. Although this has been there for a long time, I stumbled upon it very late. Wish I had it long back :(. The founders have rejected funding from VCs and have instead gone in for Angel funding from the likes of Ram Shriram, Mitch Kapor, Josh Kopelman, Rajeev Motwani, etc. In my personal opinion it was indeed a very smart move from them. Leveraging the experience and guidance of such high profile angel investors will definitely see them scaling greater heights. With such large user base and going by the acquisition spree of all the biggies out there, this one may be somewhere on top of their list. We never know what's cooking in the acquisition space ;). Here is a snippet that I am pasting from their site which quotes the difference between the regular search and their offering.

"Search vs. Stumble: Using search engines to locate relevant content typically means hunting through pages of results. Rather than searching for quality web sites, StumbleUpon members are taken directly to web sites matching their personal interests and preferences."

There is more to it. Check it out, it is really cool. It already has more users than digg.


~ by WYSIWYG on May 17, 2006.

One Response to “StumbleUpon – A cool site”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of StumbleUpon. I think it is a great idea, and it IS catching on–and about time, it has been around for about 5 year now! I was wondering if you have heard about a new tool that was inspired by StumbleUpon, it is called the ranDUMBizer. It is based on proprietary clustering technology from the Dumbfind search engine. “Search” when you know just what you’re looking for, “stumble” when you don’t, and “ranDUMBize” when you sort of know what you are looking for. Try using them in tandem, when you see a site you like in StumbleUpon, click the ranDUMBize bookmarklet and it will find something else that is related. The ranDUMBize helps you find things you are looking for, but don’t know how to search for. Very beta, but often very very interesting.

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