Startups in India

I was part of the motley-crew that successfully organised BarCamp Bangalore 2.0. We wanted to create a platform for the innovators to connect, network and share their thoughts. With new startups springing up every day, it was indeed a vibrant year for the resurgent Indian entrepreneur. I was given the mandate to profile the list of startups, whom we would contact and inform about BarCamp Bangalore 2.0, so that they can choose to participate and enrich the audience with their product offerings or random thoughts on entrepreneurship.

Rajan had already prepared the groundwork for me and all I had to do was to build on it.The list I have compiled can be found here

I have left out a lot of “me-too” kind of companies. There are hoardes of companies that are yet to be profiled. Please feel free to edit the page. Accnt info: startup/startup.


~ by WYSIWYG on January 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “Startups in India”

  1. Puneeth:
    Very nice list. I am also amazed to see a spreadsheet being shared on a webpage like this. Very nice.
    Thank you.

  2. Fine list! We are in the process of making a company website and will add ours to the list too. Can we hope to see a barcamp in Delhi?

    Foodistan Team

    • Ann, I respect your opinion, but with all due respect, I believe the “VOTING FOR KILLING BABIES” remark is out of line.Matt Pr1titv&#82e7;s last blog post..

  3. Yep. Please go ahead and add your company to the list. Regarding Barcamp in Delhi, I guess Prashant should be in a better position to tell you as he was involved in organizing Barcamps in Delhi.

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