What politicians in India Ought to learn from US elections

John McCain very graciously accepted the verdict of the people in his concession speech. But what was more striking was him applauding the president-elect Obama. I have never seen any Indian politician do that till date. Though they always say, they accept people’s verdict and will sit in opposition benches to work constructively with the newly elected government, they never congratulate the winner. Role of opposition is a very important element of Democracy. We were taught in school that the role of opposition is to offer constructive criticism. But what we see is criticism, bandhs, rasta rokos, rail roko, destruction of public property, indefinite hunger strikes to stop economic growth.  The only bill in the parliament that goes through unopposed without any debate is the one which proposes pay hikes and perks to the elected members of parliament. But when it comes to pay hikes of defence personnel who sacrifice their today for our tomorrow, we drag on and on setting up committees, sub-committees, sub-committees to sub-comittees, on and on…. Wake up guys. Role of opposition is not to oppose anything and everything but to offer meaningful and constructive criticism of government’s actions and policies. Its time we shed our habit of gaining political mileage out of every goddamned incident and work towards better tomorrow.

Take your time out to watch the acceptance speech of Barack Obama

and concession speech of John McCain.


~ by WYSIWYG on November 5, 2008.

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