Mobile Monday Bangalore

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Bangalore chapter of Mobile Monday got started with an informal gathering of 20 enthusiasts @ Aztec s/w. Albeit it is late enough to blog about it, better now than never. Of late I have been held up with so many things that there is hardly any time left for me to blog. Things will continue to stay the same till I get a broadband connection @ my room. Coming back to the post,

MobileMonday is a community of mobile professionals. The open community promotes the mobile industry and fosters cooperation and networking among industry people and their companies by providing opportunities for personal and virtual contacts. It originally started in Finland and since has expanded globally.

The first meeting basically was to get the Bangalore chapter started, inflow of funds, etc. The topics that were discussed ranged from Mobile TV and its implications to Emergence of Open Source Software for Mobiles. The discussion was lively and almost each one had something to say. MoMo is a wonderful platform for getting to know what’s hot in the mobile space and what’s gonna rock in near future.


AppLabs gets $10 mn funding from Sequoia

•June 30, 2006 • 1 Comment

Most of the investments from VCs in Indian startups has been into already established companies rather than angel fund early-stage startups. Is it that the VCs are playing safe? Check out more over here on the AppLabs deal.

VeriSign acquires GeoTrust

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VeriSign Inc., a provider of infrastructure services for Internet and telecom networks, said Wednesday it agreed to buy privately held GeoTrust Inc. for about $125 million in cash. Check out more on this here.

StumbleUpon – A cool site

•May 17, 2006 • 1 Comment

I was going through my daily dose of Biz-Tech news on RedHerring, when I stumbled upon this. StumbleUpon offers a cool Firefox extension. Although this has been there for a long time, I stumbled upon it very late. Wish I had it long back :(. The founders have rejected funding from VCs and have instead gone in for Angel funding from the likes of Ram Shriram, Mitch Kapor, Josh Kopelman, Rajeev Motwani, etc. In my personal opinion it was indeed a very smart move from them. Leveraging the experience and guidance of such high profile angel investors will definitely see them scaling greater heights. With such large user base and going by the acquisition spree of all the biggies out there, this one may be somewhere on top of their list. We never know what's cooking in the acquisition space ;). Here is a snippet that I am pasting from their site which quotes the difference between the regular search and their offering.

"Search vs. Stumble: Using search engines to locate relevant content typically means hunting through pages of results. Rather than searching for quality web sites, StumbleUpon members are taken directly to web sites matching their personal interests and preferences."

There is more to it. Check it out, it is really cool. It already has more users than digg.

New Linux shortcut learnt

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My Technical Architect showed me a shortcut today. I never knew such a thing existed, albeit I had always longed for it. Whenever you want to replace a character from the previous command with a new character, you would have pressed an "Up Arrow", then use the "Right Arrow/Left Arrow" and reach the character you want to replace, delete it and add the new character. Here's a shortcut that can be used effectively to avoid you the pain!!!

Example : Suppose you had created a file called "abc1002100.txt" in previous command.

$vi abc1002100.txt

Now suppose you want to create a file abc1003100.txt, why go to previous command till "2" is reached and replace it with"3". An easier and effective way is :

$ ^2^3

The above command will do the replacement for you and opens the file you requested for.

Note: It will replace all occurence of first character with the second character. For e.g, if you want to replace just the first "0" with "5", it is not possible with the shortcut mentioned. This shortcut will replace all occurence of first character with the second character. So the command that gets executed will be "vi abc1552155.txt "

Microsoft may aim for Yahoo! acquisition

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Why am I not surprised, with all the interop talks and extremely close collaboration with Yahoo!? has a post on this. No surprises if Google buys Sun Microsystems.

Red Hat Buys JBoss

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Open-source software company Red Hat said Monday it will acquire JBoss, another open-source player, in a $420-million deal that could provide customers with the ability to run web-enabled applications at relatively low costs. More on this story can be found @ Red Herring.